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Date: 11/10/2020
Contract??? No Way!

We’ve been asked if we require our customers to enter into an annual contract as part of the services we provide.

There’s a simple answer to that: “Absolutely not!”

We hate when we’re locked into contracts and we have no intention of inflicting that pain on our customers. It’s a pay-as-you-go system. While we would certainly want to retain your business for as long as we can, we’re not going to force you into it.

We'd rather you stay because our product is perfect for your establishment, not because we locked you in. In these trying times, you'll want a system that you're not stuck paying for if you're unable to operate.

Remodeling? Temporary shutdown? LetsDineOnline offers you the ability to suspend your service for as long as you need… for any reason. Your settings, links, everything, remains in place waiting for you when you reactivate your plan. During suspension of services, you will not be billed.

If a time comes in which you’d like to cancel (as much as we’d hate to see you go), you can do so freely without incurring cancellation fees or costly penalties.

If you cancel (or suspend) in the middle of your 30-day subscription period or in the middle of your 12-month subscription period, you will be able to continue using LetsDineOnline through the last day of the respective period for which you last paid.

LetsDineOnline does not offer or provide a pro-rated refund for a cancellation or suspension occurring in the middle of your subscription period.

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