Restaurant Reservation System

It's your restaurant, your tables... let's put you in control

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Why the LetsDineOnline Restaurant Reservation System?

Your guests are YOUR customers.
Unlike competing systems, we will never use your guests as a path to additional revenue.
  • Absolutely NO contract requirements.
  • It's quite simply just a reservation system.
  • Not overloaded or burdened with excessive marketing activities.
  • No flashy gimmicks or 3rd party extras - that you'll never use.
  • We don’t charge you a penny more than the monthly (or annual) subscription fee.*
  • No covers. You’re not charged “per reservation” or “per guest”.
  • The system can be up and running in less than 30 minutes.
  • Auto-confirm your reservations via SMS (text messaging).
  • You can finally fix your costs.
  • 24/7 customer service support.
  • Free updates and upgrades as we continuously improve our system.
  • No software to install or apps to download.
  • No equipment to purchase - use your existing computer, laptop or tablet.
  • Manage your reservations from anywhere at anytime.
  • Guest-accessible from your website and/or social media pages.
  • Maintains your brand and image - not ours.
  • Easily integrates to your website or Facebook page... we'll help!
  • Did we mention you can finally fix your costs?

Quick Capacity Adjustments Not only in these uncertain times but anytime conditions for your restaurant or your guests suddenly change. Our "Quick Settings" feature allows you to alter your table availability, guest counts, the hours you'll accept reservations instantly and in real time. The moment you make your changes, your reservation portal is instantly updated ensuring your guests are always presented with options reflecting your current table availability.

Waitlist Integration Instantly transfer guests to the Waitlist if a reservation slot is not available. They will be notified via SMS text messaging the moment a table becomes available.

Reservation Status Updates You have complete control of your reservations directly through your dashboard. Status changes can be facilitated in real time and, if guests cancel their reservations, that table is made instantly available through your portal.

Stay in Constant Contact You have the ability to contact your guests instantly through your reservations dashboard via SMS text messaging and/or email.

Management of Guest Preferences Do your guests need wheelchair access? How about a highchair or booster seat? Maybe they'd just like a table by a window. Not only can your guests make these requests through your portal, your host/hostess will be fully aware of these needs well before the guest arrival.

Reservation Edits It's been said, "The only constant in life is change"... we know all too well that reservations fall right into that category. Edit any current or upcoming reservation as needed. As you make your changes, your table and time slots, if affected, are instantly updated in the background insuring that your guests always see the current availability of tables.

Additional Reservation System Features

  • View reservations weeks into the future.
  • Accessible across multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Grant administrative access to as many staff members as you wish.
  • Generate customized reports (Coming 3rd Qtr. of 2022).
  • Optional tablet can be purchased through LetsDineOnline.
  • Guests are provided with GPS directions and maps to your location.
  • Easily integrate phoned-in reservations in real time.
  • Ability to "blackout" entire days in advance.
  • Make changes to your settings on a day-by-day basis... even by the hour.
  • Manage and track guests that are consistent "No-Shows".
  • Setup to Auto-Confirm or manually confirm reservations.
  • Change screen contrast for indoors/outdoors use with the push of a button.
  • Manage your reservations from anywhere at anytime.
  • No possibility to overbook.
  • We never sell your guest information or use it in any way.
  • Did we mention you can finally fix your costs?
View the Resevation & Waitlist System Tutorials

Take our Reservation & Waitlist systems out for a real-time ride. See the system from both the guest and restaurant side.

Utilizing an online meeting request, we'll have a virtual sit-down with you to discuss and demo the features of our system.

Just have a few questions??? Pick a date & time that's good for you. An associate will call you back to discuss your needs.

Seen enough? Ready to go? It takes just 5 minutes to complete the Sign Up process. You'll be up and running in no time at all.

Reservation System Pricing

Reservations Tier 1
Up to 1000 Reservations per month
Reservations Tier 2
Up to 2000 Reservations per month
Reservations Tier 3
Unlimited Reservations per month
Pay annually and get 12 months for the price of 10 months!
*Overage charges, if and when they occur, are billed at $0.10 per entry. But... we're fairly lenient on those.
Click here to review our overage policy.

Customized Pricing


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