Information & Required Items
To subscribe to the LetsDineOnline Reservation/Waitlist System you will need the following items and information. Upon completion of the Sign-Up process, you will receive a "Welcome Email" containing Additional setup and login information for your account. The sign up process will take no longer than 5 minutes and, upon completion, your Reservation or Waitlist System will be ready to start using.
Items Required
  • All the typical information that describes and identifies your establishment including your exact physical street address/location for guest GPS information.
  • The full name and email address for the primary account holder who will be logging into and managing or using the Reservations System (at least one is required; additional users can be added later). The email address you use will be the main contact email for all correspondence between you and LetsDineOnline.
  • A cell phone number for the primary individual who will be receiving text notifications (this information can be entered at a later time).
  • A valid credit card to enter as your payment method. Your account is initially granted a 7-Day Free Trial period. The credit card you place on file with us will not be charged until the expiration of the free trial period.

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