Are you a restaurant owner/manager looking for an alternative to existing reservation systems?

If so... Perfect. You're just minutes away from accepting reservations using the LetsDineOnline Reservation System.
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A LetsDineOnline subscription consists of a $99.95/month recurring subscription fee billed every 30 days from the start of your subscription.

No "per reservation" fees

No "per
guest" fees

No additional fees... EVER!

No 3rd Party Emails

No 3rd Party Marketing

Click the link below to view our list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to learn all there is to know about the LetsDineOnline Reservations system.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

There is a one-time fee of $249.95* due immediately to cover the cost of your hardware (in-house reservations tablet) and tablet setup.
The reservations tablet is not required but is highly recommended to allow your reservation system to be used to maximum efficiency.
Your tablet ships within 24 hours or on the next business day but, you can start using your LetsDineOnline reservation system right away.

*If you choose to waive the purchase of the tablet and the one-time hardware setup fee, your first month subscription fee of $99.95 will be charged immediately.
NOTE: Tablet stand, shown in above photo, is not included.
Learn More About LetsDineOnline Reservations
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
Learn More About the Reservations Tablet
To subscribe to the LetsDineOnline Reservation System you will need the following items and information...
  • Your exact physical street address/location for guest GPS information
  • Names and email addresses for each individual receiving reservation notifications (at least one is required)*
  • Determine the email address you will use during the sign up process. This email will be used as the official "Log In" email for account access and account administration.
  • Cell phone numbers and the cell provider/carrier for each individual receiving reservation notifications**
  • A valid credit card for the initial one-time fee (due today) and for the recurring monthly subscription fee (starting 30 days from today)***
*Email addresses for each individual should be available on the devices/smartphones being used by those individuals when on shift duty.
**Cell phone numbers are optional but, if entered, provide an additional layer of notification insuring that reservation requests do not get missed.
***The credit card supplied today will be used as the default payment method when your monthly subscription renews.