Are you a restaurant owner/manager looking for an alternative to existing reservation systems?

If so... Perfect. You're just minutes away from accepting reservations using the LetsDineOnline Reservation System.

No "per reservation" fees

No "per
guest" fees

No additional fees... EVER!

No 3rd Party Emails

No 3rd Party Marketing

Here are just a few of the features and benefits of the LetsDineOnline Reservation System...
  • Can be embedded into your current website to maintain YOUR brand and identity... not ours!
  • Fully customizable options to fit the needs of your establishment
  • Fixed monthly and/or annual costs
  • No per-reservation or per-guest fees
  • Instant reservation request alerts sent to each of your staff members
  • Guests are instantly notified via text/email of reservation status
  • SMS Text-Based Wait-List System
  • Requests can be confirmed or denied directly from a smartphone or, if "auto-confirm" is turned on, instantly confirmed the moment a guest enters the reservation
  • Quick, easy and efficient for your guests to use
  • Provides GPS directions for your guests
  • No possibility of overbooking
  • Setup and start using in less than 30 minutes
  • Ability to integrate phoned-in reservations
  • Ability to track and notify staff for guests that are consistent “No-Shows”
  • No contract requirement
  • No marketing activities, advertising, gimmicks or 3rd party extras
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