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It's your restaurant, your tables... let's put you in control.

Are you a restaurant owner/manager looking for an alternative to existing reservation systems?
If so... perfect! You're just minutes away from accepting reservations using the LetsDineOnline Reservation System.

LetsDineOnline is an all-inclusive and affordable reservation and wait-list system that you control.
  • Fixed Monthly or Annual Costs
  • No Contract Requirement
  • No “Per Reservation” Fees
  • No “Per Guest” Fees
  • Instant Text Message Alerts
  • Pager-Free Wait-List System
  • No Additional Fees… EVER
  • No 3rd Party Marketing
  • No Possibility of Overbooking
Fix your costs, keep it simple and maintain YOUR brand and identity!
Plans starting as low as $79.95/month!

Never leave another table... OPEN

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
Learn About LetsDineOnline Reservations