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Date: 3/28/2022
Tutorials/Help Now Available For Our Entire System

We have just completed the creation and installation of our complete Tutorial Library.

These tutorials are available to all subscribers of our Reservations or Waitlist plans and address every aspect of the system with the most important being the setup and operation of the Waitlist & Reservations Systems.

Coming later this summer all of our tutorials will be available as videos on our soon-to-be-established YouTube channel.

When signed up as a subscriber to any of our Reservation or Waitlist plans, you will be able to access the appropriate help, tutorials and videos from the page you're currently operating within.

As with all parts of our system, we are continually updating and upgrading as needed. We want this product to be everything it can be and the very best solution for you.

In the meantime, keep those suggestions coming and always remember that every improvement, update and upgrade we make gets added to your system... FREE OF CHARGE!!!

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