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Date: 11/18/2020
What sets the LetsDineOnline Reservation System apart from other, competing systems?

Several things…

First, we’re not trying to be anything other than a reservation system – and the very best one at that. Our system is not overloaded or burdened with excessive marketing activities, advertising opportunities, flashy gimmicks or 3rd party extras to justify charging you a higher price. The bells and whistles are kept to a minimum providing you with exactly what you need.

Second, and speaking of that higher price, we don’t charge you a penny more than your selected monthly or annual subscription fee… EVER!!! You’re not charged “per reservation” or “per guest”. Why should you be charged more for using a product you’ve already paid for?

Third… no guest reviews of your restaurant. While good reviews are always welcomed, bad reviews can sometimes be misleading, unjustified and damaging to your business. We're providing you with a reservation system. We’ll leave the reviews to companies like Yelp, Facebook, Zagat, etc., saving you big money in the process and allowing you to use the system for exactly what it’s intended – reservations.

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