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Here are a few helpful tips to help you navigate the Waitlist System "Test Drive" feature of LetsDineOnline.

First of all, the info you enter is completely confidential and will not be used in any way by LDO. In fact, upon completion of the test process, you will be able to delete everything. Second, you must perform the test from a desktop or laptop computer, or a large-screen tablet. The full version of the dashboard cannot be rendered on a small, mobile device.

So, let's get started.

Waitlist System Test Drive Instructions

In this demonstration, you will be playing the role of the individual who checks in your guests to be waitlisted. You can enter any fictitious guest information you want, but it is essential that you enter in a "cell phone number" that is either your own cell phone number or the number of an individual in your organization that is in your presence. This will be essential for you to verify the way in which the potential guest is notified that their table is ready.

Add a Guest to the Waitlist

  1. Click the "Add Wait Guest" button.
    Add Wait Guest
  2. Enter and/or select all relevant information for the guest, including "Number of Guests".
  3. The guests cell phone number is absolutely mandatory for the proper operation of the Waitlist System.
  4. If required or requested, click on the appropriate "Yes" buttons if Wheelchair Access, Highchair or a Booster Seat is required.
  5. Enter the estimated "Wait Time" for this guest.
  6. Enter any Special Requests or Notes (Optional)
  7. Click the "Add Guest" button.
    Add Guest
The Waitlist guest is now added and displaying on the page.

Managing and Processing of Each Waitlist Guest

  1. When a Waitlist guest is ready to be notified that a table has opened for them, click on the "Waiting" cell (red background) that applies to that guest.
  2. The guest will be sent a text message notifying them that their "table is ready" and they should "proceed to the host/hostess stand".
  3. The "Waiting" cell changes to a yellow background with the word "Notified" indicating that the guest has been notified of the table availability.
  4. When the guest has arrived at the host/hostess stand and is being seated, click the "Notified" cell. The "Notified" cell changes to a green background with the word "Seated" indicating that the guest has been directed to their table.
  5. The "Table & Chairs" icon appears in the cell of the "Table" column that applies to this Waitlist entry. Click the "Table & Chairs" icon.
    In the window that opens, you may optionally set a table assignment for this Waitlist entry or choose No Assignment if you are not seating according to a seating chart for your establishment. If you wish to simply revert to and display the Arrival time for the guest, click the "Show Arrival Time" button.
The status of this waitlisted guest is now complete and its position in the list will move lower.

Edit or Delete an Existing Waitlist Entry


  1. Find the Waitlist entry you wish to edit in the list of Waitlisted guests.
  2. Select the "Gear" icon located in the far-right column.
  3. Edit and/or Select any information that has changed for the guest, including "Number of Guests" and/or the "Wait Time".
  4. When complete, click the "Save Changes" button.
    Save Changes
The Waitlist entry has now been edited and showing the new information.


  1. Find the Waitlist entry you wish to delete in the list of Waitlisted guests.
  2. Select the "Gear" icon located in the far-right column.
  3. Click the "Delete This Entry" button.
    Delete This Entry
The Waitlist entry has now been deleted and removed from the list.

Viewing "Preferences" or special requests for each Waitlist entry.

NOTE: Any Waitlist entry that has Preferences entered such as Wheelchair Access, Highchair or Booster Seat requests or any kind of general request or note will be shown by the word "Yes" on a yellow background in the "Preferences" column.

Click the cell to view the Guest Preferences

Clicking on "Yes" will open the "Guest Preferences" window showing all special needs and/or requests for this wait list entry.

Hide/Show Seated Guests

To reduce screen clutter throughout the course of a business day, the Reservations and Waitlist screens are equipped with buttons to either "Hide Seated Guests" or to "Show Seated Guests". The buttons are located at the bottom of the screen and the use of these features are optional and at the discretion of the host/hostess.

The selection to "Hide Seated Guests" does not remove the Reservation or Waitlist entries from the system.
Hide Seated Guests
Show Seated Guests
The selection to "Hide Seated Guests" does not remove the Reservation or Waitlist entries from the system.

Features and other changes that occur on the Waitlist screen

Average Wait Time Display

As guests are seated, the Waitlist System continuously calculates (and recalculates) your wait times based on when you've seated previous guests. You'll see a constant running average appear in the upper left-hand corner of your screen. Add whatever fudge factor you want, but you'll always know where you're at in regard to Wait Times.

Average Wait Time Reset

Clicking the "Reset Avg Wait Time" button, located under the Waitlist, will "Reset" the Average Wait Time to zero (0). This may be necessary if there has been a lull in the traffic of incoming guests, the calculation has simply fallen behind or you have caught up with the seating of guests.

Reset Avg Wait Time

Visual Indication of Estimate Overdue/Delay

If the amount of time that has expired since the initial entry of a Waitlist guest exceeds the "Wait Time Estimate" you provided to the guests, the background will turn to red in the "Estimate" column.

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