The LetsDineOnline, In-House reservations hardware pulls your entire reservation system together.
Think of the LetsDineOnline Reservations Tablet as your dashboard. From the tablet your staff can view and manage all aspects of the reservation process. Reservations are sorted from soonest to latest and upcoming days and weeks can be viewed with the click of a button.

The Reservations Tablet is not required to use your reservation system and you can elect to opt out and purchase the LetsDineOnline subscription only… without the tablet. You can use your own tablet or a desktop/laptop computer to manage your reservations. Should you decide to purchase the tablet at a later date, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

NOTE: Tablet stand, shown in above photo, is not included.
Additional features...
  • Existing reservation requests can be changed from a status of "Pending" to a status of Confirmed, Cancelled or Deleted.
  • Existing reservations can be changed on-the-fly to reflect changes in time, guest count, seating preferences, etc.
  • Tables can be assigned to each reservation to allow you to manage your floor plan effectively.
  • Guests arrivals can be quickly noted and changes the "Arrived" status from "Waiting" to the actual time of arrival.
  • Lastly, guests who are "No-Shows" can be noted as such. This allows the restaurant to be notified of consistent, "no-show" activity for a particular guest.
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