The process is simple and straightforward...
  • Your customers access the reservation system directly from your website or, if you don't have a website, through the LetsDineOnline web app.
  • They select the desired date and time
    (you control the days, times and the number of reservations you'll accept through an easy-to-use management portal).
  • Upon submitting the request, they receive a text message and an email indicating the request has either been received and confirmed or awaiting confirmation from your establishment.

    Note: You have the ability to allow "auto-confirmation" of reservation requests instantly, if desired, or you can retain the ability to confirm requests manually.
A one-to-one link with your customers...
Reservations can be confirmed automatically the moment the requests are submitted by your guests. This is an option that can be enabled or disabled. If auto-confirmations are turned "off" the following process will occur:
  • Each of your designated managers receives a text message and an email containing the details of the reservation request.
  • From within the email you can both check existing reservations for the date requested and reply immediately to the requesting party.
  • A simple, easy to read screen provides a "Confirmation" button and a "Denial" button.
  • The reply is immediately sent back to the requesting party by both email and text message alerting them of their reservation request status.
    NOTE: The system automatically locks out the possibility of duplicate replies to your guests... you'll never overbook a time slot.
  • A "Confirmation" instantly updates your in-house reservation tablet alerting your entire staff of the upcoming reservations for that day and as many upcoming days as they wish to view.
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