To subscribe to the LetsDineOnline Reservation System you will need the following items and information...
  • Your exact physical street address/location for guest GPS information
  • Names and email addresses for each individual receiving reservation notifications (at least one is required)*
  • Determine the email address you will use during the sign up process. This email will be used as the official "Log In" email for account access and account administration.
  • Cell phone numbers for each individual receiving reservation notifications**
  • A valid credit card for the initial fee (due today) and, if purchasing a monthly plan, for the recurring monthly subscription fee (starting 30 days from today)***
*Email addresses for each individual should be available on the devices/smartphones being used by those individuals when on shift duty.
**Cell phone numbers are optional but, if entered, provide an additional layer of notification insuring that reservation requests do not get missed.
***The credit card supplied today will be used as the default payment method when your monthly subscription renews.